Draft Checklist

Things to Add:

– add a paragraph as a critical summary of the novel (focused more on the novel)
– add one more paragraph focused more on the critical sources I’ll cite specifically
– add a paragraph about all the genres relevant to the novel (and change the parts in the essay that are labeled as sci-fi but align more with magic realism)
– add a paragraph explaining what I think I’m adding that is new by using my main sources to read the book (I think I might have the start in the last cover letter, it might need two paragraphs)
– add a paragraph on Smith and nature
– incorporate the suggested source on empathy
– go throughout the essay and make clear what things are controversial definitions or moves, by Chu, for example

Things to Organize:

– make sure every every paragraph has a topic sentence
– organize these topics sentences within the new general framework, to see what order to put the paragraphs back in
– add an paragraphs that I might need to go from one idea to the next
– add more examples from the novel where they seem lacking
– see if my thesis needs to be revised for what I wrote, or if my introduction properly sets the conclusion I reach at the end


I’m actually going to start with the organizing list first, with topic sentences for the paragraphs I haven’t written yet. I think it’ll help save time editing those paragraphs to fit in after the fact.

I’m still not confident in the amount of sources I have, but I’m going to go ahead and start editing with what I have and only add sources if something feels unexplained and lacking.

14 Responses to “Draft Checklist”

  1.   tracy Says:

    Hey! I really like your first dash! I think I’m going to incorporate something similar to my essay now that I read yours. I think it’s a really good idea. Overall you have a good list from the last draft that I’ve seen. I think your paper will turn out amazingly!

  2.   Jason Tougaw Says:

    This is a great list. I think it make sense to start with the organizing. It will be easier to work with the various parts of the essay if you have the structure more or less down.

    I think you can be confident with your sources. I think the only thing missing is an acknowledgment of a history of literary criticism focused on postcolonial questions in Roy’s novel. But I don’t think this needs to be lengthy.

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