Draft Checklist

February 17, 2017

Things to Add:

– add a paragraph as a critical summary of the novel (focused more on the novel)
– add one more paragraph focused more on the critical sources I’ll cite specifically
– add a paragraph about all the genres relevant to the novel (and change the parts in the essay that are labeled as sci-fi but align more with magic realism)
– add a paragraph explaining what I think I’m adding that is new by using my main sources to read the book (I think I might have the start in the last cover letter, it might need two paragraphs)
– add a paragraph on Smith and nature
– incorporate the suggested source on empathy
– go throughout the essay and make clear what things are controversial definitions or moves, by Chu, for example

Things to Organize:

– make sure every every paragraph has a topic sentence
– organize these topics sentences within the new general framework, to see what order to put the paragraphs back in
– add an paragraphs that I might need to go from one idea to the next
– add more examples from the novel where they seem lacking
– see if my thesis needs to be revised for what I wrote, or if my introduction properly sets the conclusion I reach at the end


I’m actually going to start with the organizing list first, with topic sentences for the paragraphs I haven’t written yet. I think it’ll help save time editing those paragraphs to fit in after the fact.

I’m still not confident in the amount of sources I have, but I’m going to go ahead and start editing with what I have and only add sources if something feels unexplained and lacking.

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